Ultimate Drum Experience returns

Thomas Lang, Ash Soan and more announced
Thomas Lang, Ash Soan and more announced

The Ultimate Drum Experience is back, and this year a host of drumming talent is on hand for the week-long extravaganza.

Held at The Bull Theatre in Barnet between 27-31 May, this year's event features Thomas Lang, Ash Soan, Billy Ward and Jeff Davenport.

Evening events include the now legendary Monday night drum jam and nightly drum clinics all included in the price for course members; there will be a limited number of evening event tickets available to purchase for members of the public not on the course. All of the evening events will be held in the onsite theatre.

The course is £395 for the week including all of the tuition, evening clinics and a course certificate.

For more information and booking form please visit www.ultimatedrumexperience.co.uk or email mike@mikedolbear.com.

Rich Chamberlain

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