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The 909 you can play online

It's the 909 you can play in your web browser.
It's the 909 you can play in your web browser.

Picture the scene: you´re at your desk, bored out of your mind with work when what you really want to be doing is fashioning beats on a Roland TR-909 style drum machine. What do you do?

Thanks to Andre Michelle, there´s no need to skulk out of the office and head home to your studio, for he´s created an extremely diverting online drum machine that goes by the name of the FL909. There´s no need to install anything - just browse to the webpage and start playing.

This is just one of the many little musical trinkets that are available in what Andre calls his Laboratory. Other delights include a flanger and a wavepole synthesizer.

Andre has also revealed that he´s working on a new online audio application - you can sign up for testing of a private beta if you want to find out what it´s all about. A teaser screenshot indicates that this will feature emulations of some classic Roland synths and stomp boxes, so it could be well worth keeping an eye on.