Studio Drums for HALion 3 from Audiowarrior

Never have an "off" day on the drums
Never have an "off" day on the drums

Tuning - it's the bete noir of drummers everywhere. So the thought of 30 perfectly tuned professional drum sets has us, well, salivating a little. And that's what Studio Drums for HALion 3 by Audiowarrior promises (minus the salivating).

From authentic acoustic kits to contemporary electronic collections and ethnic percussion from around the world, Studio Drums is a rhythm paradise. The set boasts complete and "perfectly tuned" world famous maple and birch drum kits with deep bass drums, toms, side sticks, china cymbals, splash cymbals, ride cymbals, crisp snapping snares, rimshots and more. Add to that 12 world percussion drumming software instruments that include:

Hypnotic rainsticks
Rhythmic shakers
Crisp hi-hats
Pedal sounds
Stick hits
Side sticks
Himalayan bells
Celtic Bodhran
African Ashikos
Ashiko loops
Thunderous floor toms
Deep-rack toms

And it's all recorded, mastered to perfection, and programmed natively in HALion 3.1+. Download 24/7. Requires HALion3.1 or higher. Mac OS X | Windows XP/Vista.

We just love the part about "perfectly tuned." For more information, visit the official Audiowarrior website.


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