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Spaun unveils Trey Gray signature snare

Spaun Trey Gray signature snare
Spaun Trey Gray signature snare

PRESS RELEASE: Spaun Drum Company has introduced a signature snare drum for Trey Gray of Brooks and Dunn. Trey's signature snare is a hybrid 7"x14" 13-ply shell. It features 8 outer plies of birch and 5 inner plies of maple.

The outer birch (where the bearing edge rests) gives brightness and cut while the inner maple adds a warm, roundness to the overall tone.

Spaun's Double 45 Degree edge on the batter side accentuates the crack while an "old school" rounded bearing edge with 42-strand snare wires on the snare side promotes great articulation and maintains a subtle, vintage tone. Finished in "Blackwood Satin", which mimics vintage black lacquer finishes of the past, and outfitted with Weathered Chrome hardware, this snare has a great modern, yet vintage look and sound.

Spaun trey gray signature

Spaun trey gray signature

Trey Gray is battling Huntington's Disease and 10% of all proceeds from sales of his signature snare will be donated to the HDSA (Huntington's Disease Society of America).

MSRP $950

For more information, visit

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