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Spaun Edgevent drums look like Swiss Cheese

Say 'cheese'
Say 'cheese'

It's not everyday we get to write a headline like that, but Spaun's new Edgevent drums actually do look like Swiss Cheese.

Edgevent's feature a 'shell within a shell' design: an outer shell which holds all the vent holes and parts (lugs, spurs, strainer, butt, etc), and a solid inner shell which doesn't hold any parts. The inner shell is then free to resonate independently.

The name comes from the fact that both top and bottom bearing edges are vented.

The kit pictured here includes the Swiss Cheese venting with red and black detail. Spaun prides itself on offering completely custom built kits so, if you're thinking of purchasing, make sure you get them in yellow.

Prices depend on size and finish options but you can take a look at Spaun's website for more information.