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Sabian adds Brilliant finish to Xs20 cymbals

Sabian Xs20
Sabian Xs20

PRESS RELEASE: With its introduction in 2003, the Sabian Xs20 series offered a totally new type of innovation: quality cymbals in premium B20 bronze at a very accessible mid-price point, making them ideal for the serious student and budget-conscious semi-pro player.

Originally available only in Natural Finish, Xs20 — thanks to what Sabian describes as 'overwhelming demand' - are also now available in Brilliant Finish In addition to giving the cymbals a bright, professional appearance, the highly polished Brilliant Finish contributes to a smoother, glassier cymbal sound.

"The demand for Xs20 in Brilliant Finish had become overwhelming," said SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love, "so the complete series is now available in a choice of Natural and Brilliant Finish."

"Xs20," he continued, "is crafted from the same special-formula B20 bronze as our professional series, like AA and AAX, and many of the techniques used on those cymbals, like high pressure, a proprietary shaping process and hand lathing is applied here. Xs20 is all about performance without the price," concluded Love.

"It's a great value, especially in today's economic climate. You could say it's too good for its price. But while price is a key point of appeal, what makes Xs20 so unique is that combination of price and quality."

Line-lathed on top and bottom, and with bright sounds designed to cut through in most music, Xs20 is quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty. This series is available in a complete range of models, including Rock weights for heavier players. A "Sonically Matched" Performance Set (14" Hi-Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride) and an Effects Pack (10" Splash, 18" Chinese") are also available in both Natural Finish and Brilliant Finish.

The Xs20 models include:

XS1005: 10" XS20 Splash
XS1205: 12" XS20 Splash
XS1302: 13" XS20 Medium Hats
XS1407: 14" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
XS1402: 14" XS20 Medium Hats
XS1403: 14" XS20 Rock Hats
XS1607: 16" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
XS1609: 16" XS20 Rock Crash
XS1816: 18" XS20 Chinese
XS1807: 18" XS20 Medium Thin Crash
XS1809: 18" XS20 Rock Crash
XS1811: 18" XS20 Crash Ride
XS2012: 20" XS20 Medium Ride
XS2014: 20" XS20 Rock Ride
XS1421: 14" XS20 Concert Band
XS1621: 16" XS20 Concert Band
XS1623: 16" XS20 Suspended
XS1821: 18" XS20 Concert Band
XS1823: 18" XS20 Suspended
XS2021: 20" XS20 Concert Band
XS2023: 20" XS20 Suspended

Available in Natural and Brilliant Finish. Add "B" to product number above for Brilliant Finish.

For more information, visit Sabian's official site

Information taken from official press release

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