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Poll: 15 percent of drummers prefer bare feet

Picture these on your pedals
Picture these on your pedals

The feel of cold hard steel under your naked feet. According to 15.09 percent of drummers who responded to a recent poll by Pearl, there's nothing like it for working their pedals.

But while slammin' it au naturale may be groovy and inexpensive, it wasn't the most popular choice. A full 36.49 percent of drummers said they preferred sneakers or gym shoes, 28.07 percent said socks suit them just fine, 6.32 percent said they used special drummers' shoes, 1.05 percent liked to play in their slippers, and 12.98 percent ranked "other" as their covering of choice.

And what exactly does "other" refer to? Answers ranged from skateboarding shoes, dress shoes (for drumming on Sundays), penny loafers, Capezios, wrestling shoes, combat boots, baseball cleats, water shoes, bowling shoes, "something old," and the ever-popular "whatever I have on that day."