NAMM 2014: Buffed bronze line added to Zildjian Gen16

Is it enough to tempt you to try them?
Is it enough to tempt you to try them?

NAMM 2014: Zildjian's Gen16 range has excited many and confused some, but they have continued to develop the line and enhance its offering as a reduced volume cymbal. The latest advancement, blurring the line between traditional cymbals and these high tech metals, is the buffed bronze series.

Zildjian Gen16 press release:

The Zildjian Sound Lab has created the next generation of reduced volume cymbals, the Gen16 Buffed Bronze Series. Using knowledge gained from the original Gen16 nickel plated cymbal line, Zildjian craftsman drew upon the Company's rich design history to make subtle but important changes to the bell profiles of the original cymbals. Additional lathing has also been applied on the larger size models to increase the lower fundamental overtone structure. Also significant is the rich buffed bronze finish of the new line that greatly enhances its appearance and produces a warmer tone than the original Gen16 nickel plated models.

With the original Gen 16 nickel plated models and the new Gen16 Buffed Bronze Series, drummers now have more cymbal setup options. Sizes, and configurations.

The Gen16 Buffed Bronze Series is available in 12" splash, 16" crash, 16" China, 18" crash-ride, 20" ride and 13" and 14" hi-hats