NAMM 2011: LP offers new conga equipment

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: In 2010, LP revolutionised conga design with Classic Top-Tuning Congas. Players around the world immediately saw the appeal of a conga that they could tune "on the fly", without having to turn the drum, lift it out of its basket or remove it from its stand. Now, LP has boosted that appeal with two great new finishes.

The new Dark Wood finish features a deep reddish-brown stain over the congas' Siam Oak shells. The new Vintage Sunburst finish offers an eye-catching blend of colours, starting with the light natural Siam Oak at the centre of each shell, and moving through yellow, gold, orange, red and reddish-brown toward the top and bottom. The beauty of the wood grain shows through the transparent stains, and the lustre of the chrome hardware complements the colours.

Top-Tuning Congas feature 30"-tall shells in 11", 11-3⁄4", and 12-1⁄2" diameters, with natural rawhide heads. Low-profile Comfort Curve II steel rims allow access to the top of each tuning bolt while ensuring hand comfort and extended playability.

LP Classic Top-Tuning Congas set a new standard for innovative design and outstanding performance. The visual impact of the new Dark Wood and Vintage Sunburst finishes raises that standard even higher.

Lighten up with the Futurelite II Conga Stand

It's very cool to play congas with a heavy groove. It's not so cool to play them on a heavy stand. LP to the rescue, with the new Futurelite II Conga Stand (LP638). At only 5 1/2 pounds, the new stand is almost half the weight of standard steel stands. Yet its sturdy design and wide tripod stance let it hold congas securely, with no "walking." And in order to ensure long-term functionality, LP has fitted the stand with steel nuts, bolts, and other hardware fittings.

The LP Futurelite II Conga Stand is designed to fit all standard-size congas. It folds compactly by loosening two nuts and is height-adjustable. Spring-loaded shell grippers are lined with a special "tacky" material that keeps drums from sliding from side to side within the frame.

The Futurelite II Conga Stand looks good, too. Its attractive finish combines chrome tubing with black components that feature EPD black plating, which is more durable than powder coating.

Light weight, great performance, and attractive appearance: you get them all in LP's Futurelite II Conga Stand.


Top-Tuning Conga 11" £394.80

Top-Tuning Conga 11-3⁄4" £406.80

Top-Tuning Conga 12-1⁄2" £418.80

Futurelite II Conga Stand £142.80

Information taken from official press release, for more visit LP Music

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