NAMM 2010: Pearl introduces Concert Percussion range

Pearl Concert Percussion
Pearl Concert Percussion

PRESS RELEASE: Pearl is proud to offer Concert Percussion instruments that are attractively priced for school ensembles, yet engineered with the professional percussionist in mind.

The new symphonic tambourine is a perfect example. Its 17 pairs of specially aged, stamped brass jingles provide a dry, yet bright tone that brings added color and to any musical situation. Its 10" headed wood frame allows the player to effortlessly perform all tambourine techniques, and the tambourine's plush carrying case is included.

The castanets are pitch-paired and made from Chin Chan wood. Their handles can also function as claves, making these double-use instruments a perfect orchestral package.

The rattler is another vital component to any concert percussionists' equipment, and Pearl's is built with an extended handle for a comfortable grip and ease of playing. Holders for the rattler and castanets are also available.

Symphonic Tambourine
PETM1017 - $115.00 List

PCN20 - Castanets w/ Case $83.00 List
PCN20H - Castanets Holder $49.00 List

PRT10 - Rattler $59.00 List
PRT10C - Rattler Clamp $65.00 List

For more information, visit Pearl Drums' official site

Information taken from official press release

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