NAMM 2008: GMS announces Freddie Holliday Signature Snare

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Freddie Holliday Boyz II Men and O Jays sticksman

Freddie Holliday: Boyz II Men and O'Jays sticksman
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The snare boasts ten gold finish special edition series snare lugs

The snare boasts ten gold-finish special edition series snare lugs

Winter NAMM 2008 will see the arrival of the Freddie Holliday Signature Snare from the GMS Drum Company. The drum is 15 1/2"x14" and comes with a candy apple, cobalt blue aluminium shell.

Freddie Holliday, who has toured the world with the likes of R&B legends Boyz II Men and The O'Jays, designed the snare himself and with the help of the GMS development team, delivered an impressive spec. The drum boasts gold-finish die-cast hoops, ten gold-finish special edition series snare lugs, a GMS machined snare throw off, stainless steel tension rods and machined stainless steel receivers.

The Freddie Holliday Signature Snare Drum is scheduled for a February 2008 delivery. For more information, visit the GMS Drum Company website.