Musikmesse 2014: Paiste unveils new PST5 and PST7 cymbals

Including the all-new PST7 range
Including the all-new PST7 range

MUSIKMESSE 2014: Paiste has announced the launch of its new PST5 and PST7 cymbals.

The redesigned PST5 cymbals are lighter resulting in a deeper, warmer sound while preserving its bright basic character.

Among the cymbals available in the PST5 line is 14" Light hi hats, 14" hi hats, 14" Heavy hi hats, 10" splash, 16" and 16" Thin crashes, 18" crash, 16" and 18" Heavy crash, 20" ride and 18" China.

The all-new PST7 range aims to add an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel. Additions to this range include 14" Sound Edge hats, 16" and 18" Rock crashes, 14", 16" and 18" Rock crashes and 18" Ride/Crash.

PST7's base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series. The cymbals are lathed by Paiste's Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional finish.

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