Mr Big's Pat Torpey diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

(Image credit: Ray McMahon/Corbis)

Rhythm is saddened to report that Mr Big drummer Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Early reports suggest that the 54-year-old sticksman will sit out much of the band's forthcoming world tour, with a replacement drummer to be named shortly.

Torpey said: "I've been dealing with Parkinson's symptoms for the past couple of years and only recently received a confirmed diagnosis as symptoms worsened.

"I intend to fight the disease with same intensity and tenacity that I drum and live my life by and will continue recording and performing, as always, to the best of my ability."

Torpey is set to stay on the road with Mr Big though, taking to the stage for selected songs and the band's acoustic section each night.

Mr Big hit the UK in October in support of new album, The Stories We Could Tell.

Rich Chamberlain

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