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Mapex launches Drum Masterclass iPhone app

Mapex Drum Masterclass
Mapex Drum Masterclass

PRESS RELEASE: Mapex Drum Masterclass is a ground breaking interactive drum teaching app for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.

It will not only instruct you how to read drum music in a very accessible way, but encourages you to play out the drum patterns on the iPhone's fully touch responsive screen, letting you practise and learn drum music on the move.

The application will teach you all the skills you need to drum with two main modes, Lesson and Drill. In the main Lesson mode, the program progressively guides you through the simple concepts of reading drum music with crib sheets and then gives you a practical demonstration of the drum lesson that follows.

After that it will be your turn to discover how easy it is to learn to play drum music and practice the 32 carefully designed drum lessons at your own pace. A further 64 lessons are available for instant download; giving you scope to master some very advanced drumming skills.

In the Drill mode, you will quickly learn to sight read drum music as the application cleverly produces randomly generated patterns for you at 8 different difficulty levels, so you will never run out of fresh patterns to practise.

The application lets you choose and customise 6 painstakingly sampled virtual Mapex snare drums, carefully selected from the acclaimed Black Panther range. This unparalleled flexibility lets you tweak the tone of the drum, and develop your own unique sound by controlling the tuning, dampening and snare settings.

The application will be sold exclusively through the Apple app store at a price of £2.99.

For more information, visit Mapex Drum Masterclass

Information taken from official press release

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