Mapex debuts MY PRO M program

Custom drum kits for everybody!
Custom drum kits for everybody!

Back in the day -- as in, last week -- you had to be a real rock star to get your own custom drum kit. Mapex USA says no more to that.

Mapex USA announced the launch of its new MY PRO M program now available on the Mapex USA website. MY PRO M allows players to go online and choose from a wide range of Pro M components and a widely expanded range of finish options to create their own custom configurations.

The popular Mapex Pro M Series features all-maple shells in a wide range of components sizes. Bass drums, suspended toms, floor toms and snare drums (including all 29 Black Panther Snare Drums) are available. For the first time -- and exclusively through the MY PRO M program -- consumers can order a Pro M configuration with chrome or black chrome hardware and can choose from any of the Saturn Series lacquer finishes. Maximum turnaround time on all My Pro M orders is 90 days, however Mapex does state that many configurations can be delivered in one or two weeks.

The procedure doesn't seem too stressful: Users must register on the MY PRO M application and provide basic contact information. They are also required to declare a "Preferred Dealer" at the time of registration, thus getting the dealer involved at the onset of a potential transaction. The dealers, with the assistance of the Mapex sales staff, can determine a selling price and then contact the consumer to complete the order. When the drum set is completed, it is then shipped to the dealer where the kit can be inspected and prepared for pick up by the customer.

We at MusicRadar might have to give this a whirl.

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