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Ludwig Unveils Black Magic Snare Drums

Black Magic. But where's the Woman?
Black Magic. But where's the Woman?

Ludwig's Black Beauty snare drums have long been a popular choice for the touring and recording drummer. Now, Ludwig has taken its "Black Nickel-Over-Brass shell" blueprint a step further with the introduction of Black Magic snares.

Black Magic feature the same shell type as the Beauties, but include matching die-cast hoops and tube-style lugs for increased volume. The first batch, available in 14"x6.5", 13"x7" and 14"x5" models, should hit the shops around September this year. Prices start at £379.

Black Magic certainly look the part, but the question of them sounding different enough to warrant a whole new line will have to wait until we get our hands on one. Then again, anything that looks and sounds like a Black Beauty snare drum can't be bad.