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Dunnett MonoPly Milkwood snare drum

The thinnest shell known to man
The thinnest shell known to man

Your drum kit is awesome, but you're looking for something different in your snare sound. Something more distinctive. Might want to take a look at the Dunnett MonoPly Milkwood snare drum.

Canadian drum builder Ron Dunnett calls this snare the MonoPly Milkwood. "Milkwood" is Dunnett's proprietary name for the exceptionally lightweight wood used to make this drum. According to Dunnett, milkwood allows him to make the lightest shells on the market, which he says makes his snare offer incredible warmth, depth, tuning / tensioning latitude -- and all without the acoustic petulance or homogenized sound sometimes associated with solid maple snare drums. Even when tuned to an upper register, Dunnett promises a snare sound that is rich and versatile.

As with all Dunnett Classic snare drums, the R2 quick release throw off / butt, 42-strand snare wires and the Hypervent I are standard equipment. Other features include triple-flanged 2.3mm hoops, R6 tube lugs, and a variety of available finishes (the snare in the picture to your right is a clear matte lacquer).

Available in either a 6.5 x 13 or 6.5 x 14 size. US list price is $725.00. The may sound steep for a snare, but Dunnett's reputation for premium craftsmanship is well established, which means MusicRadar might have to give this baby a working out. Select dealers carry Dunnett drums, or you can visit the official website at Dunnett Classic Drums to order.