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Drum with The Soul Rebels at Stanton Moore drum camp

Spirit of New Orleans event on the way
Spirit of New Orleans event on the way (Image credit: Rick Olivier)

Stanton Moore will hold a three-day Spirit of New Orleans drum camp this December, with some very tasty drumming treats in store for guests.

The event will take place 13-15 December at New Orleans' Old US Mint.

As part of the camp, attendees will get the chance to sit in with world-renowned eight-piece brass band the Soul Rebels for a second line drumming experience with the band. As if that wasn't enough, the Soul Rebels (who you can see in action with Metallica in the clip below) will then perform at the camp's finale on 15 December.

With a whole host of events taking place across the three days that really is just the tip of the iceberg, so head to for more details.