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Drum kit jeans win national engineering award

Aseem Mishra shows off his drum kit jeans on BBC News
Aseem Mishra shows off his drum kit jeans on BBC News

A pair of jeans that double as a drum kit have won its inventor, Aseem Mishra, the Young Engineer Of Great Britain award.

The jeans have eight paper-thin pads sewn-in to the fabric in various positions around the knee and thigh area. Wearers can tap out a tune on their legs, with each sensor emitting a different drum sound - kick, snare, crash cymbal etc.

The jeans can be plugged into an accompanying backpack holding loudspeakers, or headphones for personal use.

Aseem - also a runner-up in last year's junior title in the same competition for his 'light-up drums' contraption - is a keen gigging drummer. "There's always been a problem with drum kits being so heavy," he told the BBC.

"A drum kit in my trousers"

"I have a band and we gig. Every time we go to a place we have to take the drum kit in the car first and then come back with everybody else - so it's a bit of a hassle.

"I think at the time I might have been tapping on my legs, and I thought, I know why don't I see if I can put a drum kit in my trousers."

You can see the drum kit jeans in action via BBC News. Do you think a playable bongo T-shirt would match?