Dave Grohl replaces Joey Castillo in Queens of the Stone Age

Dave Grohl: back on the throne for Queens of the Stone Age.
Dave Grohl: back on the throne for Queens of the Stone Age. (Image credit: Paul Hebert / Icon SMI ./Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Dave Grohl is back in the studio with Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme has confirmed.

Speaking on Zane Lowe's Radio One show, Homme revealed that Joey Castillo has left the band, with Grohl taking his place as the band work on their as-yet-untitled new album.

Homme revealed: "We parted ways with our drummer, Joey, who I love dearly. Dave is playing drums on this record as well, in the studio."

On his relationship with Grohl, who of course played on Queens' Songs For The Deaf, Homme added: "[Grohl] and I have this wonderful musical relationship which we don't have with other people. It's a very cool and comfortable position."

Rich Chamberlain

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