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Alfred Publishing releases Drummer's Guide to Fills

Not just how, but when, why and where
Not just how, but when, why and where

Next to keeping a straight beat, the hardest thing about playing the drums is how to execute a decent fill. When to come in? What to do? How can a single bar of music be interesting. Alfred Publishing's Drummer's Guide To Fills explains all.

Drummer Pete Sweeney has played with artists as varied as Andy Sommers and Vinnie Moore. Now Sweeney brings his considerable knowledge to a new book and CD, Drummer's Guide To Fills, designed to expand musical vocabulary by teaching drummers not just how to play fills, but when and where to play them. The book offers a step-by-step approach to playing fills of varying lengths, as well as different approaches to resolving fills and returning to the groove. Drummer's Guide To Fills features fills all drummers can use to add excitement to different sections of a song and even use as the building blocks of a solo. Drummers can learn fills in many styles, from rock to funk to jazz, plus a "melodic" approach to fills that allows further embellishment on basics. The included CD accents the book by demonstrating all of the musical examples.

Now, if they can come up with a book that makes keeping a straight beat easy. Drummer's Guide To Fills is available for $19.95US list. Fore more information, visit the official Alfred Publishing website.