Drummer Brandon Toews drums along to 175 Rush songs in honour of Neil Peart

It’s been two years since the world lost the great Neil Peart, and it’s a loss that will affect the drum community forever. But what Neil left behind is an incredible musical legacy that not only redefined the role of a drummer, but will continue to inspire drummers for many, many decades to come.

In order to honour the man who you voted the Greatest of All Time in our G.O.A.T. Hunt during 2021, Drumeo and drummer/author/educator Brandon Toews have produced a video of Brandon playing through a medley of every single Rush song ever recorded (including those featuring original Rush drummer, John Rutsey).

The video contains the full 175-song Rush catalogue, and is the result of 10 weeks of shooting and editing, as well as a lifetime of dedication to Rush from Brandon. 

He meticulously replicated Neil's setup for each song to make sure that the most important kit and percussion elements - including tubular bells, electronics and gong drums were included,

While the 25-minute video is compiled from excerpts, Brandon actually recorded full takes of every song, making use of Drumeo’s DrumeoSONGS transcriptions in order to learn the parts.  

So, grab your headphones, get comfortable and enjoy the entire medley, which has been cut together in chronological order.

Stuart Williams

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