DrēmTrigger looks to change the way you use electronics in your acoustic kit

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If you've considered adding electronics to your kit but would prefer an easier solution than separate pads, triggers and a module, DrēmTrigger might just be the answer.

Looking a bit like a digital cowbell from the future, DrēmTrigger is an all-in-one solution comprising an acoustic laser trigger, two independent rubber trigger pads and 16GB of on-board memory.

As well as this, the DrēmTrigger can be used in standalone mode: outputting the audio from its 1/4" jack socket, or as a MIDI controller for a computer via the USB connection. DrēmTrigger is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, further cutting down on the number of cables required.

The unit mounts to your drum like a regular acoustic trigger, but rather than using traditional piezo transducers which make contact with the drum head, DrēmTrigger features a laser-sensing, contactless trigger for fast, crosstalk-free triggering of your samples.

Meanwhile, the two rubber pads are mounted to the top of the trigger, offering a total of three playable sources (including the acoustic trigger). Each of the surfaces can be configured using the included Launch software, with sample assignment and triggering parameters for both pads and the trigger. 

Launch provides a pack of free samples, and your settings can be saved as 'scenes', stored in the DrēmTrigger for instant recall and editing on stage via the DrēmTrigger's controls.

DrēmTrigger is available now in either gun metal grey or matt black finishes, priced at £349 (with finance options also available). 

Stuart Williams

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