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$130 off the Spark Pearl practice amp is an unmissable last-minute Christmas gift for guitarists

Positive Grid Spark Pearl deal
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

The Positive Grid Spark has revolutionised the ever more competitive guitar practice amp market - and with less than three weeks to go until Christmas it's currently up for grabs at seriously tasty prices. If you're still struggling to decide what to buy the guitar player in your life, we wholeheartedly recommend you get amongst it before these offers expire.

With the most comprehensive and next-level do-it-all feature set out there, it’s hard to think why you’d choose another amp in this bracket. For Christmas, Positive Grid has put together some unmissable offers on the Spark, at some of the lowest prices ever. 

First up, there’s $130 off a Spark or Spark Pearl amp, complete with a free Spark Traveller gig bag (worth $60) and free shipping. Then, there's up to $160 off other Spark and Spark Pearl bundles, including headphones, in-ear monitor and software packages. 

Positive Grid Spark + free bag: $359

Positive Grid Spark + free bag: $359, now $249
The Spark from Positive Grid has taken the practice amp world by storm. With thousands of tones at your fingertips, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, plus intelligent features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, it’s no wonder it’s the best-selling amp for home use. Buy it with this deal to save $110 and get a free padded gig bag (usually $60), plus free shipping!

Positive Grid Spark Pearl + free bag: save $140

Positive Grid Spark Pearl + free bag: save $140
The Positive Grid Spark Pearl offers all of the same next-level functionality as the original, but this time it’s offered in a special edition white tolex to mark Positive Grid’s 10th anniversary. With this deal you’ll also get the same Spark Traveller gig bag (normally $60) and free shipping.

Positive Grid Spark bundles: save up to 40%

Positive Grid Spark bundles: save up to 40%
With Positive Grid’s bundle deals, you can add accessories and extras to your Spark or Spark Pearl for an even better deal, saving up to 40%. First, you’ll receive the Spark Traveller gig bag for free. Next, you can add the Spark Hendrix pack - giving you amp and FX models based on Jimi’s favourite gear. Finally, you can add either Sennheiser HD200 Pro headphones, or Sennheiser IE40 Pro in-ear monitors for a combined discount of $135, $180, or $185.

When we first reviewed the Spark last year, we were absolutely blown away. Our breathless conclusion (which we stand by?): "The Positive Grid Spark 40 might just be the ultimate at-home amp. The tones are great, and the smart tech is indeed smart. Auto Chord and Smart Jam are incredible practice and learning tools, and a lot of fun, too."

If you’re not familiar, the Positive Grid Spark is a guitar practice amp, but it takes the concept to the next level. As well as the included 33 amp models, and 43 effects, the Spark comes equipped with USB and Bluetooth connectivity giving you access to thousands of guitar tones as well as hooking up to your computer for recording. 

But the tech doesn’t stop there, because the spark also contains Positive Grid’s intelligent jamming features. Smart Jam learns your playing style and generates backing tracks with authentic bass and drum patterns to suit. While the Auto Chords feature can analyse any song you play through its smart app, producing a real-time chord chard so you can play along!