Native Instruments updates Traktor Audio 2 with iOS compatibility

Native Instruments has updated its compact, budget DJ interface Traktor Audio 2, adding plug-and-play compatibility with the latest versions of Traktor DJ for iPad and iPhone.

Traktor Audio 2 is a pocket-sized 24-bit/48 kHz audio interface offering two stereo 1/8-inch outputs allowing DJs a main output and monitor, or two channel connection to a mixer, when DJing with Traktor. Alongside the standard USB cable, new versions of the interface will now ship with a 30-pin connector for plug-and-play use with NI's iOS DJ app Traktor DJ. The downside to this being that a 30-pin to Lightning adapter will be required for use with newer iPhone and iPads.

The update bring the interface in line with NI's Z1, S2 and S4 controllers, all of which are now compatible with both iOS and desktop versions of Traktor.

Traktor Audio 2 is available now priced at £89/$99/€99. Head to Native Instruments for more info.

Si Truss

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