Native Instruments Traktor DJ iPad app: Hands-on video

Check out the video above to see Future Music get hands-on with the new Traktor app and share our initial thoughts on Traktor DJ's features and overall usability.

There's a full review coming soon to Future Music Magazine, but if you can't wait that long you can head over to the App Store today and grab it at a price of €15.99/$19.99/£13.99 or check out for more information.

Traktor DJ press release

Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR DJ app for iPad

The company behind leading DJ software releases TRAKTOR DJ - the first professional DJ app for iPad

Berlin, February 21, 2013 - Native Instruments today released TRAKTOR DJ - a unique, hands-on DJ app for iPad aimed at DJs of all levels from novices to touring professionals. Created by the same team behind the top-selling TRAKTOR brand, TRAKTOR DJ strikes a balance between instant, fun usability and advanced, professional features. TRAKTOR DJ allows users to intuitively access their music in a whole new way while also complimenting the TRAKTOR family through bi-directional content synchronization with TRAKTOR PRO software. TRAKTOR DJ is now available at the iTunes App Store for $ 19.99 / 17.99 € / 1700 ¥.

TRAKTOR DJ puts the waveform in the center of user interaction, featuring two decks, each with dedicated 3-band EQ and filter sections, as well as 8 proven TRAKTOR effects. Utilizing familiar iOS finger gestures like pinch, swipe and advanced multi-touch movements, TRAKTOR DJ brings a professional quality mixing experience to the iPad - equally suited to full performance or on-the-go set preparation. Users can intuitively manipulate waveforms by touch, "grabbing" their music with two fingers to instantly set a loop, perform scratches, mark cue points for live re-editing, and scrub, browse or navigate through tracks - the key functions of the TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, re-designed for touchscreen interaction.

TRAKTOR DJ introduces the completely new Freeze Mode, which lets users slice up a waveform into playable parts for on-the-fly remixing and entirely new musical performances. The app also allows users to create beat grids in real time, intuitively mapping out a song's groove without having to stop the music. DJs are encouraged to discover the full extent of TRAKTOR DJ's capabilities at their own speed via the Notification Center, which tracks the user's progress through the app's features and unobtrusively offers tips, tricks, and techniques from within the app.

With over a decade of technological refinement through the evolution of TRAKTOR, TRAKTOR DJ's automatic tempo detection and sync engine are now accompanied by precise downbeat analysis. This makes beat mixing completely straightforward and frees users to creatively interact with their music via the touch interface. Full iTunes integration of TRAKTOR DJ means DJs can easily search their library for the next track. Unique to TRAKTOR DJ, the app introduces a recommendation engine that uses advanced tempo, key, and timbre detection algorithms. TRAKTOR DJ recommends compatible tracks from the iTunes library with the same tempo and harmonic structure in real time, facilitating smooth and ear-pleasing mixes for users of all levels. Both the advanced downbeat and key detection features will also be available to TRAKTOR PRO customers with a dedicated 2.6.1 software update.

Complementing the existing range of TRAKTOR products, TRAKTOR DJ bi- directionally syncs track settings and properties with TRAKTOR PRO 2. This gives DJs an ideal workflow for planning a set while on the move. Users can also transfer all their stored work in TRAKTOR PRO directly to TRAKTOR DJ - all beat grids, cue points, loops and BPM counts seamlessly transfer between iPadand TRAKTOR PRO 2 and back via a free Dropbox account. DJs can connect their iPad to TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and 10 using the Apple iPad Camera Connection KitTM for optimum audio quality and pre-listen and cue functionality, or to a splitter cable with dedicated cue and master controls. TRAKTOR DJ also provides an easy way for DJs to record their mixes live on their iPad in high quality.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR DJ is now available at the iTunes App Store. TRAKTOR DJ officially supports iPad 2 and above with iOS 6.

TRAKTOR DJ pricing information: £13.99 / $19.99 / 17,99 € / 1700 ¥