Did Boss just release the ultimate tone hack?

Boss BAS-1 Amp Stand
(Image credit: Boss)

It is an age old problem with the guitar amplifier – particularly the combo. You turn it on, turn it up, and it blows all that air and sound at your ankles. Well, the Boss BAS-1 can help with all that.

A heavy-duty tilt-back stand, it allows you to place your beloved amp at the optimum angle, so that its sweet, sweet tones are directed towards your ears – just as a wedge monitor might – or to an audience, and the happy occasion when such things become things again.

It's a common complaint, curiously, less so in acoustic amplifier design, where the likes of Boss's own Acoustic Singer Live LT and Blackstar Sonnet come with built-in tilt on their cabinets.

Simply heave your amp onto the BAS-1, adjust, and off you go. It really is simple, but a little help with projection can make a huge difference in an acoustically challenging room.

The BAS-1 is made from steel, folds down, and has a locking mechanism and quick-release lever, and it can take up to 21kg / 46lb. No prices just yet, but pop over to Boss for more info or check out the video below.

Jonathan Horsley

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