Depeche Mode announce new album Momento Mori and tour dates, confirm live lineup for 2023

Depeche Mode
(Image credit: Anton Corbijn)

Depeche Mode will return as a duo in Spring 2023 with the album Momento Mori and a US tour. Martin Gore has confirmed in a new livestream interview alongside singer Dave Gahan that the record's title Memento Mori (latin that translates as 'remember that you will die') was chosen before the passing of longtime keyboard player Andy Fletcher in May.

The biggest synth band in the world will break touring tradition to play lower key US venues in the Spring before a traditional summer stadium tour, including a date in Twickenham on 17 June 2023.

 The duo were interviewed by publicist Barbara Charone at the short launch event in front of a live audience of press and fans. A trailer played before the interview featured footage of Gahan and Gore recording in the studio with the excerpt from a new song as the soundtrack. 

The live lineup for the 2023 shows was also confirmed at the Berlin event with UK musician Peter Gordeno (who has played the parts of former member Alan Wilder on tour since 1998) in attendance alongside drummer Christian Eigner, who has played in the lineup since 1997. So no surprises then for anyone who was expecting the unlikely return of Wilder to the fold. 

Gore confirmed the Momento Mori album would surface at the end of March. 

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