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Deals on parade: save over $50 on the new Tom Morello signature wah pedal

(Image credit: Dunlop)

There are few wah pedal moments as iconic as the bow-wow-waka, bow-wow-waka-waka-waka of Rage Against The Machine's Bulls On Parade. Tom Morello is a maverick player with a very small pedalboard, but the wah has always been a key part of his sonic armoury. For that song, and all of his successful career, Morello has relied on his early '80s GCB95 Cry Baby and now Dunlop has created a striking signature wah based on it.

The Dunlop TBM95 Tom Morello Signature Cry Baby Wah Pedal has an "aggressive, modern sound" with a 100K ohm Hot Potz potentiometer and a custom finish featuring two of Morello's favourite quotes to fire up your own playing. 

(Image credit: Dunlop)

Sweetwater are now offering preorders for the Dunlop TBM95 Tom Morello Signature Cry Baby for $129.99 – well under its list price of $185.70. 

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