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deadmau5 shows off a ‘hardware’ version of the Serum plugin synth

(Image credit: deadMau5)

Yeah yeah… you guys keep your skins,” said deadmau5 yesterday, as he shared a photo of what looks for all the world like a hardware version of Xfer Records’ Serum synth sitting in his studio.

Exciting news? Well, it would be if it were real, but there’s a mighty whiff of the 3D render here, and we suspect that the mau5 - who co-founded Xfer Records with Steve Duda - is just toying with us.

It’s an interesting idea, though: would you consider buying a hardware version of Serum, which MusicRadar users recently voted the best VST/AU plugin synth in the world today? By releasing a physical product, Xfer would at least have a solution for those pesky software piracy problems that they’ve been having…

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