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“WTF?!”: Did David Guetta just leak a new Cableguys ShaperBox VST plugin?

David Guetta Cableguys plugin
(Image credit: David Guetta/Instagram)

We know that he spends a lot of time with synths, but it looks like David Guetta is an early adopter of new plugin effects, too.

Head to the DJ/producer’s Instagram story right now and you’ll see him testing what appears to be a new and unreleased plugin from Cableguys. In fact, there’s no ‘appears’ about it - he literally says that’s what he’s doing.

As leaks go, it’s pretty brazen - we’re guessing that Guetta isn’t used to dealing with the news embargos that us mortals have to respect. However, given that he’s such a high-profile user, and that he clearly likes the new plugin - “what the fuck!?” is his potty-mouthed verdict - we’re guessing that Cableguys isn’t really going to care.

In fact, when we spoke to the company, it was happy to confirm that a new plugin is indeed on the way. 

“We can’t reveal the details,” says our source, “but it’s a new ShaperBox effect, with sounds designed by BT, Cyclick and InsideInfo. It’s out next month!”

This isn’t the first time that Guetta has sung the praises of Cableguys, of course - he previously called the company’s Shaperbox 2 plugin a “must-have”.

As far as the new effect goes, we’re guessing that all will soon be revealed on the Cableguys website. Unless David gets in first, that is.

Ben Rogerson

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