Check out Dave Lombardo’s Paiste cymbal setup for Testament tour

Dave Lombardo
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Recently, Paiste announced that Red Hot Chili Pepper, Chad Smith would be joining its artist roster, and this week it’s giving us a glimpse at the setup from another Paiste-playing legend, Mr Dave Lombardo.

Lombardo (Slayer/Fantomas/Suicidal Tendencies/Mr Bungle) is currently out on tour with thrash pioneers, Testament, having previously performed a stint in the band for 1999's The Gathering. 

As Dave explains in the brief video tour, he’s once again reaching for his old faithfuls: Paiste Rude cymbals with some embellishments from the 2002 and 900 series.

Joined by fellow Paiste artist, Zachary Christopherr for a rundown of his cymbals, he talks about his introduction to the brand around 40 years ago.

“My dad bought me a drum set, it was a Paiste Rude cymbal package and Tama drum set for 1100 bucks at Guitar Center. This was back in 1979…I’ve always been a fan of the Rude cymbals." 

Highlighting his signature 22” Rude ‘Reign’ Power Ride (based on the cymbal he played on Slayer's iconic Reign In Blood album) and 15” Rude Sound Edge Hi-hats as the core components of his sound, Dave explains,

“I have to mention my ride cymbal. It’s a copy of the original Rude cymbal that I got with my Paiste cymbal package back in ’79. I still have that cymbal, and it’s the cymbal I used on Reign In Blood which features the ride. 

"So I mentioned it to the Paiste family, and they decided to create this signature Power Ride.  It’s a 22”, it’s called the Reign Ride, and I’m really proud of it. I love it.”

“These 15” Sound Edge Hi-Hats, I just love how…rude they are! It’s just my favourite. I can’t seem to stray away.”

Continuing through the setup, Dave points to a pair of 18” & 20” 2002 Novo Chinas - positioned on the left and right side of his kit -  as a staple part of his sound, “They were introduced to me like, 30/40 years ago when I first went to the company. These chinas, for some reason - the design or whatever - they have so much presence.”

“It’s a phenomenal company. I’m not just kissing ass here. They’re very supportive of their artists, the product is consistent.” You can watch the full video above. 

Dave Lombardo’s cymbal setup in full

• 15” Rude Sound Edge Hi-Hats

• 22” Rude ‘Reign’ Power Ride

• 18” 2002 Novo China

• 20” 2002 Novo China

• 16” Rude Crash/Ride

• 18” Rude Crash/Ride

• 20” Rude Crash/Ride

• 16” Signature Thin China

• 14” 900 China

• 10” Rude Splash (x2)

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