Paiste officially welcomes Chad Smith as a cymbal endorsee

Chad Smith
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Earlier this week, Chad Smith and Sabian announced that the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer would no longer be playing Sabian cymbals. Sparking rumours as to which brand Chad would choose for his new setup.

Now the rumours have been confirmed by Paiste directly via a post on its Instagram profile, officially welcoming Chad Smith to the Swiss cymbal-maker's 'Family' as an endorsee.

“Paiste is deeply honored to announce that Chad Smith, distinguished drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is joining the Paiste Family of musicians.” the statement reads.

“Chad’s set will initially consist mostly of 2002 series models, with additional cymbals from the Signature and PST X series. The final cymbal set and further details will be announced later this month. Thank you, and welcome to the Family, Chad!”

The move from Sabian marks the end of Chad's 35-year stint with the brand, and he thanked Sabian during his announcement that he was leaving saying that he will be "forever grateful" for them taking a chance on "a scruffy kid from Detroit all those years ago."

The announcement will come as little surprise to many, following outings with Paiste cymbals in Chad’s setup, most recently when the RHCP headlined the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Chad took the opportunity to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins, making a speech on the mic following the band’s set, while Taylor’s wife, Alison Hawkins and Dave Grohl alongside other members of Foo Fighters watched from the side of the stage.

Meanwhile, RHCP bassist Flea recently opened up on the rhythm section's relationship outside of the band, stating that the two don't hang out, and instead "talk by playing".

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Unlimited Love is out now.

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