Cubase 10.5 is here: find out what’s new in Steinberg’s DAW update

A year on from the release of Cubase 10, Steinberg has updated its DAW to version 10.5. Available now, there are improvements to both the Pro and Artist editions, with Cubase Elements 10.5 to follow soon.

Let’s deal with a couple of Cubase Pro exclusives first, starting with the Spectral Comparison EQ. This is a new mode in the Channel EQ that enables you to compare the spectral components of two audio signals, making it easier to adjust and balance your mix.

The self-explanatory Import Tracks From Projects feature has been revised with support for additional track types (Group, FX and Folder tracks) and an Auto Map function that aliogns imported tracks with the same name as existing ones.

Of course, there are new plugins, too, and the good news is that the Padshop 2 synth is included in both the Pro and Artist versions of Cubase 10.5. This is a granular and spectral instrument that comes with 570 presets, 570 pre-produced samples and the option to import and redesign your own samples. Padshop 2 can also be purchased as a plugin for other DAWs for €129.

Steinberg Cubase 10.5

(Image credit: Steinberg)

Back in Cubase 10.5, the MultiTap Delay is also new to Pro and Artist - it promises to take a creative and flexible approach to editing delay - and there’s now a Colorized Mixer Channels option. Elsewhere, the Retrospective MIDI Record feature has been revised - you can now retrieve MIDI chords and melodies that were never actually recorded.

There are numerous other improvements, too, including a refined Score Editor and a better Safe Start Mode.

For more information, and for upgrade and crossgrade pricing, check out the Steinberg website. Anyone who activated Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10 and Cubase Elements 10 or earlier versions after October 16, 2019 qualifies for a free upgrade to the corresponding version of Cubase 10.5.

Steinberg Cubase 10.5 features

  • Spectral Comparison EQ helps you to clean up your mix more accurately [Pro] 
  • Video Export Render lets your render videos as MP4 (H.264) with 16-bit stereo audio [Pro/Artist/Elements] 
  • MultiTap Delay is made for musicians with a range of inspiring creative options [Pro/Artist] 
  • Padshop 2 comes with great improvements, with even more creative tools and sonic inspiration [Pro/Artist] 
  • Colorized Mixer Channels help you to intuitively find the tracks you are looking for [Pro/Artist/Elements] 
  • Import Tracks From Project makes exchanging data between projects, or creating new project templates, easier [Pro]
  • Combine Select Tools Mode combines selection tools for objects and ranges in one powerful feature [Pro/Artist] 
  • Retrospective MIDI Record tracks your MIDI input, even when you are not recording [Pro/Artist/Elements] 
  • The Score Editor has been updated with powerful new features [Pro] 
  • The Macro creation window has been improved with new functionality [Pro/Artist] 
  • Choose to normalize by either dB Loudness Unit (EBU R128) by setting dBFS Max [Pro] 
  • Safe Start Mode allows you to initiate Cubase without any third-party plug-ins loaded [Pro/Artist/Elements] 
  • Stereo Delay, De-esser and Roomworks processors are now included in Cubase Elements [Elements] 
  • Many more significant workflow improvements are also included [Pro/Artist/Elements] 
  • Cubase 10 is packed with a wide range of usability, performance and quality improvements [Pro/Artist/Elements]
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