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Collings pays tribute to founder Bill Collings with special-edition AT 16 acoustic guitar

Highly respected luthier Bill Collings sadly passed away in July last year, and now the company he founded, Collings Guitars, is paying tribute with a special-edition AT 16 acoustic guitar.

This version of the AT 16 features a round soundhole and rare flamed mahogany back, sides and neck with an Eastern Red (Adirondack) spruce top.

Modelled after an archtop built by Collings in 1983, the creation is more than just a guitar for Bill’s loyal team.

“It’s a symbol of what a committed group of people can accomplish when they hold a shared vision,” says the Collings press release.

“That’s what Bill was striving for when he founded the company and what he instilled in everyone who worked beside him.”

Accordingly, each guitar features a special commemorative label with the signature of each person who had a hand in building the guitar, including lead builder Aaron Huff.

For more info, head over to Collings Guitars.

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