Machine Head's Robb Flynn and Architect's Josh Middleton demo Colin Richardson's new STL VST guitar pack

In the metal world Colin Richardson is one of the go-to producers, engineers and mixers, with his hand in some stone cold classic albums including Machine Head's Burn My Eyes, Fear Factory's Remanufacture, Carcass's Heartwork and Slipknot's Iowa. And he's channeled his knowledge of getting great metal guitar tones into a new signature STL Tones ToneHub preset pack. 

Now who better to take one of his presets for a test drive than Machine Head's Rob Flynn – a musician who has worked extensively with Richardson over the years, including the forthcoming new Machine Head album. 

And look who else is taking it for a spin; only Josh Middleton from Architects and Sylosis, who just happens to be one of the finest metal players on the planet right now. 

The Colin Richardson STL preset pack is available for ToneHub and Kemper formats and contains 90 custom preset guitar tones. 

Find out more at STL Tones 

Interview: Colin Richardson

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