STL Tones unveils the Andy James signature plugin

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STL Tones has partnered with British shred titan Andy James on the Tonality: Andy James Guitar Plug-In Suite.

The VST/AU/AAX plugin and standalone software offers guitarists a fully mixed guitar tone that models three of James' amps from his personal collection, with amp and cab mixing options, delay, reverb and two overdrives – one an exact digital recreation of STL Tones' Andy James Revenant Pre Amp pedal, with the other looking very much like it is shooting for that Maxon OD-808 overdrive tone.

Amp models 1 and 2 are modelled after a high-gain metal head, with Amp 2 solely focused on the lead channel. Amp 3 goes for a more vintage 1960s vibe and has onboard tremolo. 

"Andy was our first ever artist signing to the company nearly three years ago for his Kemper product," said STL Tones' founder and CEO Sonny Truelove in a statement.  "So I think it’s fitting that nearly 3 years to the day, we were able to collaborate and release Andy’s signature tones in plugin format, which was something he expressed interest in doing way back then!”

Meanwhile, Andy James added: "This plug-in has completed my life long search for the ultimate guitar tone, completely in the box. 100% creativity while recording, 0% time wasted tweaking and second guessing my sound."

The Andy James Guitar Amp Plug-In Suite is available now, priced $119 (£99, €109 approx).

Initial orders are discounted at $89.99 and available via STL Tones here.

Minimum Requirements Mac OS 10.9 or Windows 7.

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