Call the Synthbulance!

(Image credit: Zetsumetsu)

Got twisted patch cables? Are your LFOs terminally desynced? Who you gonna call? 

You could try Synthbulance, Zetsumetsu's mobile response to any modular emergency, which rocked up to Knobcon 22 this weekend. Designed to 'deliver art with a sense of urgency', it's a complete mobile modular set-up housed in a lovingly overhauled and converted 1986 ambulance.

Now in its 10th year, Knobcon is an annual US gathering of modular freaks and manufacturers, featuring electronic music performances and workshops, as well as showcasing new and just plain cool synth tech from a range of uber-DIYers and pro outfits.

Synthbulance interior

(Image credit: Zetsumetsu)

The Synthbulance was a star attraction even before bug-eyed conventioneers made it into the venue, lugging that massive modular rig and a less-than-soothing lighting set-up to complete the experience.

Check it out above and in the video from Synth Diy Guy below. For more details and future chances to see it in the flesh get over to now.

Will Groves

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