"Built to military grade standards designed to handle extreme conditions and outdoor environments:" ASUS teases new all-terrain laptop

Asus laptops on a mountain
(Image credit: Youtube/Asus)

With more and more musicians leading busy lives and often writing and composing on the go, ASUS has come up with what could be the most robust laptop yet, one specifically designed for creators that work in the harshest of environments.

In the run up to Computex, the long running tech trade show which returns in early June, it's teased a new line of Pro Art laptops which it claims is “built to military grade standards" designed to handle “extreme conditions and outdoor environments.”

Perfect for if you’re halfway up a mountain in a snowstorm and fancy finishing off that tune that’s been nagging you for weeks. Or if inspiration suddenly strikes in the most unlikely of places.

The All Terrain laptop is built to military standards - we're talking MIL-STD 810 certified, which is official US Department of Defense grading - and is capable of withstanding all sorts of challenging environments, whether that be 15,000ft altitude, high temperatures, high humidity or your most brutal beats.

It’s equipped with a powerful next-generation AI engine that’s “especially customised for outdoor and on-the-go creators.” The low battery life and its light weight sound useful too.

ASUS is launching the range in an array of different forms, including clamshell, convertible and tablet. More details will be revealed at their launch event that streams live from Computex on Monday 3rd June. 

Will Simpson
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