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Bram Bos turns to the dark side with the Ruismaker Noir iOS rhythm synth

Bram Bos says that he’s cooked up something a little different for iOS music makers in the form of Ruismaker Noir, a rhythmic synth that can deliver both drum and bass sounds.

Although the synthesis engine is monophonic, some clever integration with the sequencer and a slew of pitch/velocity modulation options enable you to create the sonic illusion that many different sounds are playing as they blend into one another. The tone is ‘nasty and dirty’, so this could be one to call on when you want to inject a bit of darkness into your mobile music-making.

Ruismaker Noir is available now for iPhone and iPad priced at $9.99/£9.99. It runs as an AU plugin, though there’s also a basic standalone mode for you to tinker with. You can purchase it via the Apple App Store.