Boss Katana MkII users can now get their hands on the Version 2 software update

Boss Katana MkII update
(Image credit: Boss)

For anyone using gear with a digital core, a new software update is the gift that keeps on giving. Today, that gift goes to owners of Boss’ hugely successful Katana MkII range of amps, as Boss has unveiled its Version 2 software, adding a number of new effects and features to help you get more out of your Katana MkII.

Boss Katana MkII

(Image credit: Boss)

The Version 2 software is available for free to all Katana MKII users, including the Katana-50 Mk II, Katana 100 Mk II, Katana-Head MkII, Katana-100/212 MkII and Katana-Artist MkII. 

To get the update for your Katana model, simply head over to Boss support page, select your amp and download the System Update file. The download comes with instructions on how to load the new software into the amp.

Boss Katana MKII Version 2 update: what's included

  • Contour Settings—Shape your core tone with three different Contour settings, each with four customizable frequency curves to choose from.
  • New Solo Block in FX Chain—Refine your lead guitar voice with a moveable Solo block, which can be assigned for on/off control via an external footswitch or the GA-FC Foot Controller.
  • New EQ Block in FX Chain—Moveable EQ block for additional tonal adjustment.
  • Two New Effects—Centa OD (Booster block) and Solo EQ (Solo block).
  • Three Global EQs—Fine-tune the overall sound for different guitars and styles.
  • Expanded Cab IR Capabilities—The Line Out cabinet IR options now include selectable micropho
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