Boost your guitar playing finger strength with these 4 simple chord exercises

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Guitar lessons: Some chords can be demanding, so it makes sense to keep those valuable digits in good shape. These exercises will give all four fingers a workout and get you ready for even the most challenging shapes. 

Start slowly and give your hands a rest if they get tired. A little finger fatigue is normal but stop immediately if you feel any pain.

1. Partial barre exercise 


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Partial barres use the front of the finger to play two or three notes at the same time. This Bob Marley-style reggae track is a good workout. make sure you use the fingers indicated in the tab. Keep your thumb roughly opposite your first or second finger for maximum strength.

2. Stretching exercise 1 


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This stones-inspired track is great for stretching all four fingers. Pay attention to the fingerings, they might not be what you’re expecting.

3. Stretching exercise 2 


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As you get more comfortable with the stretches, try playing this second version where we’ve moved all the chords seven frets lower for a tougher stretch.

4. String bend press-ups


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if you’re wondering why we’re looking at string bends in a chords lesson, well, this simple exercise will help you build finger strength whatever you’re playing – so give it a go! try the exercise with all four fingers and use any spare digits to support the one that’s executing the bend.

These 4 guitar exercises will improve your finger dexterity

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