Bono writes and performs song inspired by Italians caught in COVID-19 lockdown

(Image credit: Maria Tan / Getty)

U2 (opens in new tab)'s Bono isn't one to let St Patrick's Day go by without a song (opens in new tab), but things took on a heavier turn yesterday (17 March) as he revealed a new track he'd penned in the wake of Coronavirus.

The lyrics to Let Your Love Be Known were inspired by the Italians who have been singing and performing music from their balconies while in lockdown due to COVID-19. Over 2,500 Italians have died so far from this virus in recent weeks and the number continues to grow.

“I walk through the streets of Dublin and no one was near,” Bono sings in Let Your Love (opens in new tab) Be Known. “Yes, I don’t know you / No I didn’t think I didn’t care / You live so very far away / Just across the square / You can’t touch, but you can sing across rooftops / Sing on the phone / Sing and promise me you won’t stop / Sing your love be known / Oh let your love be known.”

U2 (opens in new tab) have been on a hiatus since last year when the Joshua Tree 2019 tour ended with the band’s first-ever concert in India on December 15. 

Rob Laing
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