Bones UK take the dogs – and a Stratocaster – for a walk around London in the video for new single Milk

Bones UK have returned with a new single, Milk, which finds the Grammy-nominated rock duo leaning into their hip-hop influences and paying tribute to their hometown borough of Camden.

You might have to wait a little for Carmen Vandenberg’s electric guitar to make its presence felt, but when it arrives it duly supports the melody, some wah pedal to spice up the milk, and there’s typically lyrical lead from the Jeff Beck collaborator on her Fender Stratocaster.

The track comes hot on the heels of Cheap Love, and presumably there might be a full-length album in the works. There are no details on that, but Rosie Bones has explained what Milk is all about. 

“Over the past few years I made the decision to do everything I can to feel as free as possible, and Milk encapsulates that freedom,” says Bones. “It’s about the aftermath of hard times, the flower growing out of the dirt, the feeling of joy in the face of uncertainty and pain.”

Bones UK

(Image credit: Bones UK)

The promo video finds Bones and Vandenberg joined by Rottweilers Mouka and Oki, both of whom behave impeccably on the lead as they take an evening’s constitutional around the Bones and Vandenberg’s old stomping ground.

“The blood of the beginnings of this band is in this video,” continued Bones. “The pubs we had pees in during the shoot were filled with people Carmen and I both knew. We walked next to Hampstead Heath where we sat on a rug and wrote Beautiful Is Boring. Music can take you many magical places and to thousands of cities, but it’s good sometimes to go home and remember why you started, who you are, and what’s important.”

You can check out the video for Milk above. To order the single, head over to Bones UK.

Jonathan Horsley

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