BLEASS' Fusion is the Swiss Army knife of distortion plugins

BLEASS has announced the release of a new distortion plugin. Fusion utilizes waveshaping to distort and saturate your sounds; the developers claim that this makes Fusion the "most versatile and adaptable" plugin of its kind. 

Fusion's waveshaper is equipped with 58 wavetables, each of which fine-tunes the character of the distortion or saturation being applied. The user can also import their own custom wavetables, meaning that Fusion is capable of producing a hugely diverse variety of sounds; everything from warm analogue-inspired saturation to abrasive digital clipping. 

The plugin's interface is divided into four tabs; Waveshaper houses the waveshaping controls, while Filter is home to a pair of resonant multi-mode filters; filter types include high-pass, low-pass, bell and notch, and each filter can be positioned before or after the waveshaper in the plugin's signal chain. 

The Modulation tab offers a ton of possibilities for creating evolving, dynamic distortion effects; there's two highly tweakable LFOs onboard, along with an envelope follower, a useful addition that converts the dynamics of the audio being processed into a control signal to modulate any of Fusion's parameters.

Fusion's modulation capabilities are bolstered further by the inclusion of a sequencer, which can be used to program complex patterns of values that modulate two more of Fusion's controls. There's also a neat randomization function that lets you instantly randomize all of the plugin's parameters, making for quick and easy experimentation. 

Fusion is available for Mac, iOS and Windows in VST3/AU/AUv3 formats and is very reasonably priced at $19.99.

Find out more on BLEASS' website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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