Blackstar is releasing an acoustic version of its awesome Fly 3 mini amp

Back at Winter NAMM 2020 Blackstar revealed its first proper acoustic amp line with Sonnet, now it's giving acoustic players another reason to be cheerful with the announcement it's made an acoustic version of the massively popular Fly 3 mini amp.

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The Acoustic Fly 3's two switchable EQ shapes give you either a flat response or a mid cut with some low and high boost for any electro acoustic instrument, and the built in echo effect adds an organic ambience to your playing if you need.

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The Fly's make their 3-watts count for a lot – and that includes doubling up as a speaker to play MP3s through or even doubling up your sound to 6-watts with a Fly 103 stereo extension cab.

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Like the guitar and bass Fly 3 the battery life is impressive with up to 55 hours from 6 x AA batteries under normal playing conditions. Or you can purchase the optional FLY PSU-1 mains adaptor.

Fly 3 for electric guitar

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The Fly 3 Acoustic is priced at £69 with Fly 3 Acoustic 103 Extension Cab retailing at £23. A Fly Acoustic Pack will be available for £99 with the amp, cab and PSU-1.

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