NAMM 2020 VIDEO: Blackstar demos Sonnet acoustic amps

NAMM 2020Blackstar has announced the release of a new range of acoustic amps, the Sonnet series, developed in collaboration with acoustic virtuoso Jon Gomm.

Every other amp changes me, squashes me, confines me

Jon Gomm

Sonically, the emphasis is on a natural performance - "Not changed, not coloured, just your acoustic guitar – louder" as the firm puts it. 

To that end, the Sonnets feature custom-voiced "Natural" speakers, and Gomm certainly sounds convinced.

"Finally, an amp that can reproduce the full spectrum of sound of acoustic instruments. All I hear is my sound," says the renowned - if not entirely impartial - acoustic player. 

"Every other amp changes me, squashes me, confines me, they just can't cope. I'd given up on acoustic amps, until I heard the Sonnet."

Convenience is also a key focus, with Bluetooth streaming, simple high pass and brilliance controls, and generally portable form factors.

The Sonnet 60 and Sonnet 120 are available in classic, sleek black or cream covering with copper grill in February of 2020 for $399.99 and $579.99. 

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Key features

• Instrument and vocal microphone inputs, MP3/Line In, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio playback. All 4 inputs can be used at once for ultimate versatility.
• Acoustic Control: High Pass Filter (HPF) and Brilliance controls to adjust the body resonance and piezo high-end of acoustic instruments.
• Low-latency USB audio out, plus mix D.I. XLR for recording and mixer connections.
• Bluetooth audio streaming for playing along to music or backing tracks.
• MP3/Line in
• Studio Quality Reverbs
• Built-in tilt stand
• Ported cabinets for extended bass and fine-tuning low-end frequencies

Blackstar Sonnet

(Image credit: Blackstar)
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