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Bitwig Studio gets a spiced-up Sampler as version 2.4 lands

Bitwig has released one of its regular Bitwig Studio point release updates, and if you’re a sampling fan, it could be a biggie.

Version 2.4 of the DAW features a “reborn” Sampler, complete with granular and wavetable features. There’s also visual crossfading and a revamped multisample editor.

On top of this, Bitwig Studio 2.4 also offers extended MIDI channel support, new modulators in the shape of the ParSeq-8 parameter modulation sequencer and Note Counter, and a few new devices, too. A range of workflow enhancements completes the updated feature set.

Find out more on the Bitwig website. Bitwig Studio 2.4 is free for anyone with an active Upgrade Plan.