Behringer teases 3 new synths, including one that “even Uli Behringer doesn’t know about”

New Behringer synths
Behringer BX700. (Image credit: Behringer)

With a certain amount of whimsy, Behringer has revealed another tranche of new synths. Three of them, to be precise, inspired by past classics from Moog, Yamaha and Oberheim.

First up, the PolySource, a polyphonic take on the monophonic Moog Source, which landed in 1981. Said to be a draft from a “mad” Behringer product designer by the name of Marc, this appears to borrow the Source’s membrane control panel but packs in a full eight analogue voices. Marc reckons he could make this one for the same price as the Behringer Pro-800, so around $599. And if you can't trust Marc, who can you trust?

Then there’s the BX700, (see photo at the top of the page) a prototype synth that’s described as a “DX7 on steroids” thanks to the inclusion of a CS-80-style filter and a built-in drum machine. This is the brainchild of a “product magician” known as Miguel, apparently, who designed it in his spare time, and is so secret that “even Uli [Behringer] doesn’t know about it.”

Despite Behringer promising to “never make this synth as the world surely doesn’t need another DX7,” we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up at some point.

Finally, Behringer’s social media guru says that they just happened to find a synth known as the 2-XM lying around - seemingly a Eurorack-friendly take on the Oberheim 2-Voice that’s now ready for production (price to be confirmed).

New Behringer synths

(Image credit: Behringer)
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