Behringer reveals the LmDrum, its long-awaited LinnDrum reboot, but it might not quite be what you were expecting

Behringer LM-Drum
(Image credit: Behringer)

It’s been almost two years since Behringer first raised the possibility of creating a LinnDrum clone, but only now are we getting our first peek at what it’s going to look like.

Although this is a prototype of the so-called LmDrum, we’re told that the user interface development is completed, so this should be pretty much what you get when the product is released.

The original LinnDrum was released in 1982, serving as the more affordable successor to the legendary LM-1. It was used extensively by numerous artists throughout the ‘80s.

Behringer LM-Drum

(Image credit: Behringer)

What’s clear is that the LmDrum isn’t a 1:1 remake. The buttons are different, for a start, and the LmDrum has a display. The presence of a waveform on here suggests that sample editing will be possible, and it looks like you’ll have the option to import your own samples, too.

Other enhancements include the Wave Designer and Analog Filter, which look like they’ve been brought across from Behringer’s RD-8 and RD-9 drum machines.

The bad news is that the LmDrum is still a long way from going into production - look out for more updates between now and whenever Behringer is ready to get it out of the door.

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